Adidas Student Karate Gi – Review/Description

Adidas Student Karate Gi – Review/Description
Adidas Student Karate Gi – Review/Description

The Adidas Student Karate Gi is a beautifully made lightweight student wear for learning Karate. Cloth material is made from an optimized combination of cotton and polyester. This specially blended mixture is commonly referred to as Polycotton. Polycotten is thus used to make the cloth material of Adidas Student Karate Gi.

A typical student uniform for training in Karate generally required to have certain features. These features will be analyzed and reviewed specifically to analysis an Adidas Student Karate Gi uniform as presented under the Adidas brand.

Requirements of an Adidas Karate Gi

A typical student Karate uniform is required to be strong, light and should have perfectly strong seam. The material should be easily washable. It should also be shown not to be loose on any end as it will be a disadvantage of the user during a sparring session. Other common requirements are expected to be met like sowing to prescribed size. A good Adidas karate gi should also help users of the karate uniform to regulate the body temperature and perspiration. The aim of this technology is to optimize performance. A student karate uniform should also have an elastic waist with an internal drawstring.

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The Material

Polycotton is a material known to combine the best of both worlds with regards to the good side of both Cotton and polyester. With this comes the fact that it shares their bad sides equally too. In a more detailed way, the choice of polycotton as the material used in the making of Adidas Student Karate Gi is majorly dependent on its degree of blending. More Cotton means it will have characteristics that are closer to cotton both the good and opposite. The mixture as used in the Adidas student karate Gi is 55% cotton and 45% polyester which means that cotton is a little bit more than polyester.

The texture

The material is light, durable and is strong. It also allows the skin to breathe because of the inclusion of cotton. The cloth though does wrinkle if not well stored away.


The seams seem to be tight and durable. From the way, it holds when pulled. Karate being a physically demanding game, one of the most common event is the pulling out of karate Gi from the seams. After series of usage and cycles of wash, it is holding out well without any sign of weakness in any way. As things are, the Adidas student karate Gi can only be expected to last as long as required. In terms of fitness to size, the one picked out gives a perfect fit with respect to the size displayed on it.

Adidas Brand

Adidas is the brand. Adidas has a long-standing reputation in the field of sport and the brand is noted for good quality of their product with a blend of beautiful design. In the design, the Adidas student Karate Gi With usage so far has shown to be worth the name and in terms of bang for a buck, Adidas seem to be appearing right above the average line.

Common First Impression

Buyers and the potential user of the material love the uniform at first sight. The impression given at first sight is one of love with the logo neatly placed on the bland white fabric. Adidas student Karate Uniform is well packaged on delivery.

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Usage Impression

The material seems to be very good and not harsh on the skin, it’s relatively soft on the body hence making the prospective user quite comfortable in it. With an increase and continuous usage over time, the material tends it hold firm on the body more because the initial whiteness of newness goes away with an increase in usage over time. This is not bad, though, in its category, it leaves a good and lasting impression for the users.


  • Adidas Karate Gi holds out on the brand and what it represents
  • It is well made and good quality
  • Material used in making of the product is a perfect well-calculated balance between cotton and polyester
  • The seams should be strong, well sown and durable with little usage experienced so far


  • The product does not come with a belt
  • The color may change very slightly with continuous usage from its initial whiteness.


The Adidas Karate gi is well made, durable both from the material point of view and from the well-tailored seams as sown. The mentioned karate uniform has a nice blend of cotton and polyester which makes it be quite strong and durable. Though much air tight than an average cotton material, it is still quite nice. It is a recommended buy and though not a perfect Utopia as one might be dreaming of but it does seem to deliver on bang for buck basis.

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