Best Karate Belt Display – Martial Arts Belt Display

Symbols of achievement – your karate belts display the knowledge you possess for martial arts. A belt is a visual reminder of all the skills and techniques that you have mastered over all these years. You can easily incorporate these symbols of accomplishments into your home’s décor or provide them the respect they deserve by storing or preserving them beautifully. 

Conceptually a karate belt display is very similar to the trophy cases that an athlete would use to display his/her achievements in their respective sports. Apart from reminding you of your accomplishments a karate belt storage provides an attractive and safe means of storing your belts. 

Wall-Mounted or Freestanding:

With two primary formats for displaying your belts, you can choose in between a wall-mounted case of a freestanding one. 

A wall-mounted karate belt display comes with hanging hardware or screw holes, which allow you to affix the belts on the wall in an attractive and organized rack. With this type of display you can only see the front and the sides of the belt, as they are mounted on your wall the backside of the rack is hidden. 

With pedestal-base, a freestanding karate belt display can stand anywhere on a flat surface such as a table-top, mantelpiece or even the floor. A freestanding belt display is either circular or rectangular in shape and gives you a 360-degree view from all sides. Though the major different between a freestanding unit and a wall-mounted unit is the 360-degree view, there are few freestanding display units also available that provide a flat display very similar to the wall-mounted ones.  

Choosing among the two is entirely up to you. Suitability of either a wall-mounted or a freestanding belt stand entirely depends on the aesthetics of your home’s décor, space and how you want to display your achievements. 

You can also pick a display unit specific for a particular type of belt. As in the case of Karate and tae kwon do, the belts used are made from thick and stiff cotton. Specifically, for these types of belts you need a display that provides minimal structural support for the belt. These are equipped with either plastic bands to secure the belt to the display or they use wooden slats of appropriate thickness to hold a folded belt. 

In case of Kung fu, these sashes are made from thinner materials like satin or nylon. Hence in this case the display unit is designed to structurally support the belts more thoroughly, because of the flexible nature of the sashes.

Embellishment Options:

With the variety of styles available you can opt for a simple display unit that will display the front and centre or something like an embellished display for that extra visual appeal. You can add any of the decorative imagery such a decorative wooden roof-top shape, figurative images or Japanese kanji letters. You can even customize them by engraving something on them which can be anything like a word, an inspiration quote, or a short inspirational slogan that your instructor uses. 

Rack Size:

Anything that you choose can be used to display the progress that you have already made or it can also be used as a motivation symbol for goals or aims you plan to achieve in the near future. 

The size of the rack entirely depends on what you want. The options are many starting from 6 to 10 to 12 number of belts that you can display.  

Best Karate / Martial Arts Belt Display – UPDATED 2019 | 10 Level Karate Belt Display | Karate Belt Cylinder Display | Karate Belts Display Case 

To make it easy for you to choose from here is a list of our Top 5 Best Karate Display Belts for you:

1. Martial Art/Karate/Taekwondo Belt Display Case

A wall-mounted display case rack, constructed of solid beechwood. Has a stylish acrylic door, to prevent it from dust. The belts are placed behind the acrylic door. Comes in a single piece, absolutely ready to fix on your wall. You just need 3 screws or picture frame hooks to hang it. 

Dimensions: 26.5 x 16 x 3.25 inches  

Weight: 10 pounds

Pricing, purchasing options, and details – Click here…

2. KidKraft Martial Arts Wooden Belt Holder 

A wall-mounting sturdy and beautiful belt display with honey finish on the outside. Can be used to display up to 8 belts. Each belt is secured at its place with the help of elastic straps on each end. It has an extended bar at the top of the display unit, which can be used to store medals or ribbons as well. The header of the display can be personalised by engraving anything that you like on it. 

Dimensions: 18.5 x 0.8 x 24.5 inches 

Weight: 3.31 pounds

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3. Century Martial Arts Cylinder 

Cylindrical in shape, this Century Martial Arts Cylinder is a free-standing karate belt display. You can keep up to 10 belts in it. This belt display will give you a 360-degree view from all sides and can be placed on any flat surface like table-tops, corner tables and even shelves.

Dimensions: 21.8 x 2.9 x 9.5 inches

Weight: 4.2 pounds

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4. Personalized Karate/Taekwondo/Kung Fu/ Martial Art Belt Display Rack

A wall mount case, comes with lettering for personalizing name or a phrase. It can hold up to 10 belts with Velcro straps on 1.75” slats. Comes with metal brackets on the back for hanging. 

Dimensions: 25 x 14 x 0.75 inches

Weight: 5.8 pounds

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5. Personalized Martial Arts Belt Holder

Again a wall-mounted display unit constructed entirely of wood that can hold up to 8 martial arts belts. You can personalize this unit with a name or phrase by using maximum of 14 characters. Includes wall mounting brackets and elastic bands to hold your belts. 

Dimensions: 18.5 x 0.75 x 23.75 inches

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These beautiful karate belt display units make as an ideal gift for a martial artist. They are a way for you to show your respect towards their achievements and encourage them in their endeavours.